Becoming a Hard Target --

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It is easy to take the “I know bad things happen, but not around here” approach to personal safety until something happens close to home.   A convenience store in McKinney, Texas was robbed the end of December, 2018.  Local residents are in shock, and want to know what they can do to protect themselves.   The security footage shows a man entering the store, holding the clerk at gun point, taking the money and exiting the store.

However, to a trained eye, the footage also shows about fifteen seconds of pre-attack indicators from the suspect leading up to the actual robbery.  Training your mind to recognize pre-attack indicators and body language is your first defense and paramount to personal safety.    Missed indicators can take you from a “this doesn’t look good, let’s leave,” to an undesirable situation quickly. 

Becoming a Hard Target covers pre-attack indicators, reading body language, external situational awareness, core situational awareness and different types of predators.  3 hour course